PRESS RELEASE: “Buttonwood SF” Brings Digital Currency Trading to the Real World in San Francisco


Contact: John Light

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Buttonwood SF” Brings Digital Currency Trading to the Real World in San Francisco

Bitcoin consultant and entrepreneur John Light has organized a weekly Meetup group called “Buttonwood SF – P2P Cryptocurrency Trading” for the purpose of making cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin easily available to the people of San Francisco. Until recently, the only options for acquiring bitcoins were registering on often difficult-to-access online exchanges, or attempting to find someone nearby who had bitcoins and was willing to sell them. Buttonwood SF bridges these gaps by providing a group setting for trading in a public space, allowing for liquidity, convenience, and strength in numbers. Inspired by the Satoshi Square meetups in New York and Los Angeles, Mr. Light hopes that by providing a convenient place for people to learn about and trade cryptocurrencies, their use will also become more widespread.

“San Francisco is a city of immigrants and transients, and I’m sure a lot of them send money to their homeland and get hit with ridiculous fees. Cryptocurrencies could fill a real need here, and having a safe and easy way to buy and sell them could be a godsend for low-income people who are sending a couple hundreds bucks back home every month,” he said in a recent email update to the Meetup group. In addition to providing a low-cost way for people to send money overseas, cryptocurrencies offer businesses an easy way to accept payments from anyone anywhere in the world with less fees than credit and debit card networks and zero risk of charge-back fraud.

San Franciscans and others in the Bay Area who are interested in learning about and trading cryptocurrencies should meet at the Northwest corner of Jackson Field in the Potrero Hill neighborhood this Thursday between 7:00-9:00 PM PST. Everyone is welcome, so those who are interested in attending are encouraged to bring friends and family so they too can see the benefits that cryptocurrencies have to offer.

For more information please contact John Light through his website at


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