Bitcoin Consultant John Light Interviewed By Forbes Journalist Kashmir Hill

When I first heard about Forbes journalist Kashmir Hill‘s week-long experiment to live a strictly Bitcoin lifestyle, I had a feeling that she was going to encounter some difficulties, being so new to the currency. After reading her day 1 article, I was proven correct. I reached out to her by email and offered to answer any questions she may have, in hopes of making the rest of her journey more enjoyable. She replied saying that her main concern at the time was paying rent, and after giving her some suggestions I was pleasantly surprised to receive not only a mention but a link-back as well in her Day 3 article (thanks Kash!). After her week was over, Kashmir organized a Bitcoin meetup through the SF Bitcoin Social meetup group at Sake Zone, a sushi restaurant in San Francisco that accepts Bitcoin. Knowing this would be a great opportunity to meet her in person and find out how the rest of her week went, I made sure to be there. Both her and her camerawoman were present, mingling with the crowd while also getting interviews for a Forbes feature video. Here is the end-result, featuring yours truly. This was a really fun night – big thanks to everyone who helped make it happen!


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