Since August 2012 I have been providing professional Bitcoin consulting services to individuals and businesses, helping those who are new to this exciting technology learn to understand and take advantage of its vast potential. Are you interested in developing a Bitcoin business, accepting Bitcoin at an existing business, or using Bitcoin personally? Put my hundreds of hours of research and direct business experience with Bitcoin to work for you by sending me a consulting request through the contact form below.

Services offered:

  • Business development
  • Bitcoin payment integration for existing businesses
  • Setup, security, and storage advice for those new to Bitcoin

Payment methods accepted: Bitcoin, Paypal, and money order. Contact me for my latest prices.


I am often contacted by people who need more technical Bitcoin integrations than I am able to provide, as I am not an experienced coder. Most of the work I do is more along the lines of education, business conceptualization and development, and connecting people/ projects. If you are a coder who is familiar with Bitcoin, have done successful Bitcoin integrations before, and would like to add yourself to my Rolodex of people to reach out to for help on projects, feel free to introduce yourself by sending me a message through the contact form below. Please include your strengths, what programming languages you have worked with, and links to past work so I can best match you up with potential projects.

Note: If you would like to encrypt messages to me using PGP/GPG, you may access my public key here. The first encrypted message you send me should include your public key at the end if you want my response encrypted as well.

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